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Headlight Restoration

See Your Path Clearly with
Headlight Restoration

If you've ever wondered if you have a burnt out headlight only to discover that it's just dim, dull, and faded then your car is a perfect candidate for headlight restoration in New Jersey. Don't trust your safety to those dull and hazy headlights that can impair visibility for nighttime driving. Don't let the appearance of your car or truck diminish as the headlights become progressively more yellowed and cloudy. Call us for our mobile service for clear lenses that show you the way.

Our process removes the corroded UV clear coat from your lights, reconditions the lens, then applies a new two-part UV clear coat. All our work has a lifetime warranty, and if your lights don't retain their like-new finish, we'll restore them again at no cost to you. We offer our guarantee as well as one from our UV clear-coat manufacturer.

Before - Headlight Restoration
After - Headlight Restoration

A Range of Reasons for Restoration

The main reason to fix your headlights is so that you can safely see where you are driving when it's dark, rainy, foggy, or snowy. Bright and clear lights also help other drivers see you as well. It's a win-win situation. Not only that, buying brand new lights is expensive, so headlight renewal is the way to go for those reasons and many others, such as your car will look much better and have a higher resale value.

We did some online research and found that aftermarket headlights for some common vehicles range from $147.95 per set up to $750 per set and when you are looking at dealer installation, the costs range between $702 up to $2,112 for those same vehicles. As you can see, restoration is a much better option.

A Green Option

Restoring your headlights is much more environmentally friendly than replacing them as headlights cannot be recycled which means they go straight into the landfill. Restoring your headlights produces just 1/4 pound of trash as opposed to several pounds when you replace lights.

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