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Mobile Windshield Replacement & Windshield Repair Wantage NJ

Don't spend your days looking through edge cracks, or star breaks, or chips in your windows when you're driving. Instead, enjoy the convenient service offered by Windshield Wonder Auto Glass when you need help in and around Wantage, NJ. We offer mobile windshield repairs for all types of damage, or auto glass & windshield replacement if that's the option required.

Windshield Damage
We use only the best materials, and all our work is backed by our iron-clad 100% guarantee. Our replacement warranty covers water leaks, distortions in the glass, and the quality of our workmanship for as long as you own the vehicle. For repairs, we cover against cracking-out or spreading for the entire time you own the vehicle. We'll even help you with your insurance claim. We have found that if you have comprehensive insurance, your insurer may waive the deductible on windshield repair work as it's a less expensive option than replacing an entire windshield or piece of auto glass. Smashed Windshield
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Let There Be Light

Faded and corroded headlights make it hard to see and be seen. They are dull and dim and present a driving hazard by not giving you a clear picture of what's on the road. Don't put yourself at risk when your lights start to fade, trust your restored headlights for bright and clear view. We use the best quality materials and guarantee our work. We cover restorations against losing their like-new appearance for the entire time you own your vehicle. Reach out to us at (973) 222-7588 for service.

An Option that is Easy on the Environment

Old windshields and headlights can't be recycled. They are just thrown into the landfill and forgotten. Don't add to that problem have your windows repaired or headlights restored instead and cut down on the waste that is diverted to dumps.

Before - Headlight Restoration
After - Headlight Restoration