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Windshield Repairs & Windshield Replacements Montclair NJ

Windshield Wonder Auto Glass Windshield Repair No matter what you see when you look at your damaged windshield, whether it's a chip, a crack, a bulls eye an edge crack, or a smashed windshield, we can handle it at Windshield Wonder Auto Glass.

Our windshield repair auto glass and windshield replacement services are fully guaranteed, and they couldn't be much more convenient as we come to your location in and around Montclair, NJ, and do the work on-site.
Our experienced technicians are certified, and their skills combined with the highest quality materials we use, mean you get repairs to rely on. We'll even help with your auto glass repair or replacement insurance claim. With comprehensive insurance, most companies waive deductibles and cover the cost of a windshield repair as it's less expensive than a replacement.

Our auto glass and windshield replacement warranty covers water leaks and distortions in the glass, and the quality of our workmanship for as long as you own the vehicle. For repairs, our guarantee covers against cracking-out or spreading for as long as you own the vehicle. Call us today at (973) 798-8254 for service.

Smashed Windshield

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Bright Lights Leading the Way

Don't squint into the dark of night as the victim of cloudy and faded headlights. Instead, choose our team for guaranteed work that gives you clear and bright lights for brilliant driving. It's a quick and simple process that our team does for you at your location, and you will see the benefits of right away. Our headlights restoration skills are second to none so don't replace, restore. We guarantee restorations from losing their like-new appearance for the entire time you own your vehicle.

An Environmentally Friendly Choice

Repairing your glass and restoring your headlights is easier on the environment than replacement. These types of glass can't be recycled, so that means any discarded materials go directly into the landfill. Save yourself the cost of new glass or lights, and save space in the landfills by taking the green option.

Before - Headlight Restoration
After - Headlight Restoration